Osophy of the Day (or Night?)
On the Inflexibility of Social Networking Sites in Defining Relationship Status
There is no green dot.
People, people, people
Chew on this


I Love Andrew
cogito ergo sum or sum ergo cogito?
XTi First Photos
The Introvert’s Lament
Osophy on Beauty, Fleetingness of
Just Glad to Help
Another Mental Floss Favorite
Video Blog #2
Craigslist Ad: Product Placement
Job Description Translations
IM cool
Video Blog #1
Review, Feelings, Mixed
Gmail follow-up
Gmail sucks and blows
Record Bathtub Earth Alphabet Foot Woman
Gangs vs God
Corduroy Pillows – They’re Making Headlines
Nyms: Homo, Hetero, and otherwise
I Am Not A Pig
Thanksgiving Limerick
Colorado POD Exercise
Knowledge vs Power
New Word of the Day: “farticulate”
You know…
Osophy on Thought, Loss of, continued
New Word of the Day: “anachronym”
Time, Change
Automatic Lemon
“Famous Last Words” – YouTube
For Every
Quiet Joy
Morte, Vampyr, Morte!
If God Had A Gender...
Stop the Network, I Want to Get Off
If wishes were horses…
Preponderance of Pondering
Osophy on Wiseness, Dumbness of
I Could Have Died Yesterday
Model Mottos, and other Miscellanea
When Words Fall Flat
Philler for the Philophile
Goodbye, Dolly!
Photo: Fall Foliage
Rhyme on Reason
Contradictions, vaguely exact.
IP over Avian Carriers – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
That Etiquette Has A Nice Ring To It
Osophy on Social Niceties, Abuse of
That Was Too Easy
Why I Am Convinced That Online Dating Doesn’t Work… For Men
Ramblin’ Rows
Hello, Cornelius!
Osophy on Staleness, Freshness of
Osophy on Being
Vonage and bad word-of-mouth, no pun intended, none taken
Tomfoolery Report 4/15/07
Tomfoolery Report 4/14/07
Osophy on Happiness, External Features of
Tomfoolery Report 4/13/07
Deus ex mentis
you can’t have
Tomfoolery Report 4/12/07
Tomfoolery Report 4/11/07
Tomfoolery Report 4/1/07
The Reluctant Grownup: In Defense of Organized Religion
That Sat Mat a Go-Go
Benedict has good taste in cars
Tomfoolery Report 4/8/07
Tomfoolery Report 4/7/07
Tomfoolery Report 4/6/07
Tomfoolery Report 4/5/07
Week 2 of Tomfoolery Begins
Plastic Wrap for Beds
Two Days Off
Clunkish Wakeup
Tomfoolery Opens Tonight
Cast anouncement: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change
Fueling Change at Malibu Film Festival
Tomfoolery Nears Departure to HHI
Report from Clemson