Osophy on Correctness, Incorrectness of
The Internet is NOT the World Wide Web
I’m So Very Tired Of This Over And Over Again


fetchmail -m bash script: printer and gcal
Motorola H390 Bluetooth Headset: No Good
Malapropistic Osophy
Osophy on Accidents, Nonexistence of
F the FT
Osophy on Specialness, Everydayness of
Spiritual Window Washer
Osophy on Arguments, Specious
Computers Suck and Rock. They Suck-Rock.
A Word on Flakes, Damaging Absentmindedness of
Silence and Civility
There is this girl
Osophy on Futures, Trading Now For
“The Fantasticks”: An arrow through the heart - The Denver Post
The Truth Behind Dog Chew Toys
Rip-off Report: Onforce.com
Imagine a Happier Entry a Few Hours Before This One
Try To Remember... Me?
Videophones Here! Get Your Videophones!
Proposed Verbal Efficiency for Usage of English Language Numbers
Apple Slices Help Keep Brown Sugar
Skimming Device Found on Local ATM
Is That Gravel In Your Tires or…?
I Feel Like I Should Write Something
“Neurotic Canines” or “How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Whine and/or Bite”
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again


Osophy on Entertainment of Self and Others
Theater Owner Arrested 3rd Time On Internet Luring Charges – Denver News Story – KMGH Denver
Just Checking In
PowerPC Sacrifices: No Netflix for My Mac
Scaredy Dog
Fighting Flies with Windex
Like a Freeze-Frame Mirror
Osophy on Shorties, Scrappiness of
Mood Piece or You Know Who You Are
Osophy on Goodness, Veracity of
Osophy on Paths, Heartfelt
I Wish
Idiomatic Expoundsion/Expoundation: Reflections on A Tale of Two Turmoils
Today’s Exciting Collision Avoidance Lesson: Pay Attention!
(Almost) Ten Percent Down, No (re)Payments... Ever!
Charlie Brown Has Left the Building
Because Harry Said So: Proximity Theory
Tinker, Tenor, Fixer, Spy
“You’re a Good Man, Sally Brown” or “A Public Apology”
I HATE PC tech contract work
What I Did Today
The Incompetence Never Ends
Hermes Returns
Eternal Optimism of the Auspicious Mind
It Keeps Gettin’ Better…
Bitter Osophy of the Moment
The Muppets are Back…
Examining Vanity Plates
On the currency of music and wishful thinking
Dictionary.com/Word of the Day Archive/laconic
Reunions, Sonatas, and Jobs, oh my!
Osophy on Data Mining
Osophy on Party Systems, Minimum Required Number of
Thoughts on Theater
Who Actually Reads This?
Another CL Ad
Quote from tonight’s Lost
Amusing cross-lingualism
Patience is a Virtue
It’s May. And it’s snowing.
A Plea for Requital, Happiness, and Universal Balance in a Single Life
Iraq Coalition Casualties
A Tough Day
Osophy on Mindsets, Relativity of
Sam Adams’ Kids Night
Stupid Sappy Love Songs
An Open (and Shut?) Letter
in absentia, continuamus sine
The Ides of February
Words to Act By
A.G. Bear
Renewable Resources
Sad and Lonely Today, and An Invocation
Rescue of the Day