Illegal Interference

So for the longest time I thought that the Boulder BrandMeister repeater had a problem because I was seeing full-strength unmodulated-FM-carrier style interference on the output frequency of 445.050 MHz. But I did a little foxhunting 🦊 and determined the noise was coming from … inside my house. 🏠 Spooky!​ 👻

Neighborhood Gas Leak

Last Friday I came home to a gas leak 1 block away. They said it was a 3 or 4 inch line that was cut and it took Xcel a long time to locate it. There was a lot of standing around hoping that things didn’t blow up (I’m glad they didn’t). They also shut down traffic on a major road during rush hour. Lots of vehicles were trying to cut through our neighborhood without realizing that the only other way out was through the cordoned-off area.