The Cost of Quiet

I’d like you to pause for a moment. Take a breath. Look around this blog.

Do you notice something?

More specifically, do you notice not-something?

Finally Dawning

Some of the biggest old~~-school~~ -fashioned gearheads around. And they realize it’s happening:

They Kinda Suck

I recently tried to revive our robotic vacuums*, and, in doing so, reviewed the records relating to when we bought them and for how much. They had stopped working within the last couple of years.

Take Five

A new platform, yet again. This makes it the fourth incarnation. Or is it the fifth? At any rate, it’s now changed to a static site generated by Hugo. I decided to append 3.0 to the blog name because it felt appropriate. (Psst, that’s how most software is versioned, by the way.)

Closer Than They Appearror

I always thought that was a crappy rhyme.

Anyway, here’s how you adjust the mirrors in your car. If nobody ever taught you this, that’s okay. You probably just figured it out for yourself somehow, like I did, and it was wrong.

We're watching

We, the decent drivers who try to obey the traffic laws for the safety of our fellow man, are watching….