Personal Finance Geekiness

I have electronic records for personal finances dating back to 1997. Much like this blog, it’s had several homes. It used to be in Quicken. Then I moved it to Gnucash. Now it’s in a plaintext format readable by ledger.

I Fixed My TV

I fixed our 8-year old TV. It turned on and it had sound but no picture. I replaced something called the T-Con board and it worked again! The part cost $85 USD and I was fortunate enough to find it locally. Otherwise it would have been a $1000 trip to Costco and tossing a 60-inch screen in the recycling bin. 😦

Illegal Interference

So for the longest time I thought that the Boulder BrandMeister repeater had a problem because I was seeing full-strength unmodulated-FM-carrier style interference on the output frequency of 445.050 MHz. But I did a little foxhunting 🦊 and determined the noise was coming from … inside my house. 🏠 Spooky!​ 👻