XPR5000 Internal vs External PA

Motorola’s XPR5000-series mobile radios have two different output pins for a PA (Public Address) system. You would typically use this if you were using your radio’s microphone to speak over a loudspeaker to address, you know, the public. Their installation guide says pin 13 on the rear accessory connector is for “PUBLIC Address 1” and pin 15 is for “PUBLIC Address 2,” but the radio programming settings only describe “Internal” or “External” PA.

![Table 3-1 Rear Accessory Connector Pin Functions table](/images/Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 19.20.13.png)

Conditional Prediction

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Whatever happened to my friends’ blogs? So many clever, articulate, funny writings no longer being written. Cousins, uncles, old friends, good friends, all silent. Months pass, then years, then eventually decades.