old timey radio and microphone

I’m starting a ham radio network and I’m calling it Digital Private Calling Network, or DPCN.

Trunking, private calling, text messaging, centralized codeplug management. Join us!

Mastodon and Keycloak SAML

I managed to get Mastodon SAML sign-ins working with Keycloak. Since I never bothered to learn anything about SAML, this made it difficult. But I persevered. I would like to share what finally made it work.

Home Automation to the Rescue

Our pet is currently ill, which means she has diarrhea. She went in the basement twice while we were away (thank goodness for unfinished/concrete floors and her instincts), but I didn’t want her to go in the house while we were home and asleep. She’s very quiet and doesn’t wake us up, so what to do?

Net Worthless Websites

If you search for my name, some of those websites that purportedly show a celebrity’s net worth may pop up. Sadly I am neither a celebrity nor worth millions of dollars. Perhaps I had better fill out the part of the questionairre that asks my net worth instead of always selecting “prefer not to answer.” 😐