Whatever happened to my friends’ blogs? So many clever, articulate, funny writings no longer being written. Cousins, uncles, old friends, good friends, all silent. Months pass, then years, then eventually decades.

Phil's Shared Links

This blog is ill-suited to re-sharing other peoples’ content. You know, interesting and/or funny links you encounter throughout the day and would like your friends and family to see, optionally with a comment of your own attached. The thing is, what do you use? Twitter? Facebook? Reddit? Are they on what you’re on?

Well, if you want to consume what I’m sharing, you can now use the RSS reader of your choice (or go straight to the website, or get it delivered to your email). It’s self-hosted and open source, of course:

Phil’s Shared Links (full RSS feed)

The Great FTTH Saga

After many years of waiting, paitiently calling and messaging Comcast every 6 months, and a many disapppointments, the great Fiber to the Home saga is finally coming to an end.