Dear Supermarket Managers:

Learn from Black Tuesday. There was a run on the banks. Here’s how the banks that survived handled it:

  1. Day one: dole out withdrawals as fast as possible. Passers-by will see there are no long lines and no runs on the bank, therefore they will not add to the panic.
  2. Day two and on: Make transactions move as slowly as possible. This stretches out the supply of cash on hand for as long as possible.

Granted, there is no supply shortage this time, only a demand surge. But the same economics applies. Here’s how you do it:


This website is now on IPFS. What does that mean for you? Well, nothing, really, unless you’re cool enough to run your own IPFS node/gateway.

What does that mean for me? A few extra steps when updating the website. I’ll work on automating it. Maybe.

State of Duress

Someone just suggested that Tesla add a “duress PIN” that silently notifies emergency services that you are being carjacked. One of the responses argued that, while a nice idea, you would likely forget both PINs under stress. That reminded me of a time I was in a car accident.