An Unpeculiar Way To Get Your Script Produced

The way to get your ideas made into a movie is to create them in some other media. Hollywood will then suck them up and turn them into films.

Congrats to Randy for his imaginative and successful books and here’s to them becoming a successful film franchise. I’m enjoying watching his career develop almost as much as reading his work.

P.S. Sorry, Randy, I hope that Hollywood “sucking them up” doesn’t turn out to be a double entendre.

Dear Panasonic Business SIP Phone Technical Support:

I can’t figure out how to reach you. What is your phone number? What is your email address? These things I may never know. Anyway, I need to report a bug in the latest version of your KX-TGP600 phone’s firmware, and you leave me no choice but to post it publicly on my blog. I can only hope someone who works for you will find this, as I really like the KX-TGP600 otherwise. You claim wideband audio support, but you screwed up the SDP for G722. It should read:

They've Gone to Plaid!

So now the top-end Tesla Model S has a “Ludicrous Speed” option for $10K. Now I’m waiting to see the first Model S to get a nice tartan wrap.

You can’t say Elon doesn’t have a sense of humor. Did you also know the volume setting on the Model S’s sound system goes to 11?