No More Railing at No Railing

Certain household guests now need no longer rail at the lack of staircase railing. We have a handrail for the basement stairs.

stair railing going down

stair railing going up

PSA: Do Not Cross Double White Lines!

US-36 drivers: Since you’re new to these lane markings, I’ll clue you in on something that California drivers have known for a while: DO NOT CROSS DOUBLE WHITE LINES! do not do this Double white lines are the same as double yellow lines in regards to crossing them: DON’T DO IT! The only difference is that the white color indicates that traffic is flowing in the same direction, while yellow indicates traffic flowing in the opposite direction on either side of the line. Hopefully this information will help you avoid a traffic ticket when entering/exiting the HOT lanes.

Tread Normal

No longer must we tread lightly when descending to the basement or ascending to the main floor. The dangerous half of the stairway is repaired.

close up new stair treads

staircase from bottom

staircase from top