Dear Panasonic Business SIP Phone Technical Support:

I can’t figure out how to reach you. What is your phone number? What is your email address? These things I may never know. Anyway, I need to report a bug in the latest version of your KX-TGP600 phone’s firmware, and you leave me no choice but to post it publicly on my blog. I can only hope someone who works for you will find this, as I really like the KX-TGP600 otherwise. You claim wideband audio support, but you screwed up the SDP for G722. It should read:

They've Gone to Plaid!

So now the top-end Tesla Model S has a “Ludicrous Speed” option for $10K. Now I’m waiting to see the first Model S to get a nice tartan wrap.

You can’t say Elon doesn’t have a sense of humor. Did you also know the volume setting on the Model S’s sound system goes to 11?