A Brush with the Front Bumper of Death

Generally speaking, you do not get to honk at me if I’m in the intersection and you barrel through a stop sign towards me. You also do not get to drive up alongside me and roll down your window and yell something at me. I like to think you are apologizing for not seeing the stop sign and almost killing me. I’d hate to damage the front of your silver Mercedes with a cyclist-shaped imprint and a vehicular assault charge.

An Unpeculiar Way To Get Your Script Produced

The way to get your ideas made into a movie is to create them in some other media. Hollywood will then suck them up and turn them into films.

Congrats to Randy for his imaginative and successful books and here’s to them becoming a successful film franchise. I’m enjoying watching his career develop almost as much as reading his work.

P.S. Sorry, Randy, I hope that Hollywood “sucking them up” doesn’t turn out to be a double entendre.