How to Enjoy JRB from 2013

Honeymoon In Vegas curtain with projected logo

If you like Jason Robert Brown‘s musicals and want to listen to the two that he made in 2013, Honeymoon in Vegas and The Bridges of Madison County, try not to listen to one without listening to the other. Independently one is frenetic, high energy, toe-tapping, and peppy, while the other is slow, languid, and none of the songs actually end, but taken together they even out nicely. Both have great music. Two sides of the same coin and all that.

I Cannot Live In My Own House

This morning my back was hurting, so while I waited for the chiropractor to open so I might possibly make an appointment for ASAP, I decided to work from home. Then the neighbor’s dogs started barking. They started barking at 07:32. And they did. not. stop. So I decided to get dressed as quickly as possible and walk to work, despite the back pain. I made it half-way down the block and had turn around in agony. So I decided to drive because I could not walk to work and I could not stay and live IN MY OWN HOUSE BECAUSE I AM BEING ASSAULTED BY MY NEIGHBORS.