Indochine and The Last Weekend

Last night in directing class, French director Régis Wargnier visited and talked about Indochine and some of what he went through to make it. It was most informative. He also helped a few of us with our scenes for class.

Tonight I have the shoot from hell. We start at 21:00 and go until 09:00 Saturday morning. Then Sunday 06:00 to 18:00. Who comes up with these murderous shoot times? Ah well, last weekend of principal photography. Then I get at least one weekend back…. ☹

Apple Rips a Big One

After downloading and installing the Mac OS 10.2.8 update Monday afternoon, my ethernet connection drops. Initially I thought it was USC because this happened several times last year, but after four days of downtime I checked Apple’s website and it appears it was Apple’s fault. So I bought a hub as a temporary workaround until they can fix their own mess. I just hope they get a patch out within 14 days, as I can’t return the hub after that. Meanwhile, USC doesn’t let us use hubs on the network so I can’t connect my other computer to it.

Film School Funniness or When I Stopped Caring About Reality

It’s funny, but whenever my classmates and I get together before a class we never really talk about current events. A category 5 hurricane is about to slam into the East coast, the October 7 gubernatorial recall election has been put on hold, and all we talk about is filmmaking. This seems to be a recurring issue with me—how focused we are in our own little worlds and really how insignificant all those petty little things seem when compared to the larger picture. Then again, it’s always nice to have a passion.

Effect and Cause

I think my computer is psychic. The second I decide to get out of bed this morning, the monitor turns on. The only way to do that is by pressing a key or moving the mouse, both of which are on the other side of the room.

California Water Gone South

What is this greenish-brownish crap in the bottom of my Brita® filter? (On the plus side, I get 100% Vitamin C from my juice drink!)

Fighting Back Against Technology

I am exceedingly irritated at this point. I just wrote an excellent multi-paragraph entry and it didn’t make it into the database. All is lost. Maybe later I’ll have the strength to write another entry but it took a lot out of me. Grrr…. Can’t these people make a simple little piece of software do ONE THING RIGHT?!


I noticed this moth today after coming back from class—right above the door to my apartment. It’s about two inches in length.