La Marathon XIX

I’m back from the Marathon. What fun. I was at mile 8 again this year and not half an hour after I get there (0600) a bike rider goes down so I call in LAFD through net control. Fortunately it was only a knee laceration and she was on her way shortly—albeit slowly. The rest of the day passed without incident (at least at my water station) and I made it home before 1200. Next year I’m going to need either a high noise environment headset for my VX-7R or a VHF Jedi series to interface with my Mot boom headset.

Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of irony....

The Returning Resident Renewal program here at USC (sounds like some kind of recycling program) is as convoluted and bureaucratic as anything else the university has to offer. I was hoping for a better (subjective term around here) apartment next year. I ended up signing a contract for the exact same room that I have now. But hope is not lost—the reassignment procedure begins on the 31st. Bully!


Composer Alan Williams was tonight’s guest in David Bondelevitch’s Directing the Composer Class. I, as the PA, ran the board from the control room, of course. Nice guy, he’s done a lot of stuff, especially Imax. The IMS TV paled in comparison to the 140mm projection system we’re supposed to use with his music, but it still went okay. 🙂

Quite an Interesting Day

I encountered the Presidential motorcade twice today. Once at about 1700 and the next at roughly 1830. Both on the same street, Adams. Once going to the Shrine—apparently for a fundraiser—and another leaving it. That Bush fellow shure creates one heck of a mess wherever he goes. There were several hundred protesters there tonight. What were they protesting? Who knows. Maybe the traffic jam he creates whenever he goes somewhere. 🙂 Sheesh.

Existentialist Entry or Just Phil Being Stupid ?

Okay, I’m in that strange place right now where you’re too tired to do anything, not tired enough to go to sleep, too hungry to not eat anything, and not motivated enough to make anything to eat. I thought I could come to me home on the web and make an entry about it but expressing my mental state is only exasperating the situation so I think I’ll go now. :)

I shot him because of the glare of the sun on the hot sand. 😄

Loony TV Commercial

Okay, and excuse me if I’m blunt, but what the hell is up with those freaky animated rodents on Quiznos commercials? It looks like something out of a poorly implemented underground flash animation webring. Okay, there, I’ve said it. I’ve gotten it off my chest and I feel better now. Your thoughts on these freaky rodent things?

Hundreds of the Greatest Hits!

My server’s front web page is getting hundreds upon hundreds of hits. My counter says I’m racking ‘em up. So why does it feel like my server is in a little corner of the internet? Actually, I like it that way. Unfortunately, Google found my site so it may not stay that way for long. Heck, people, it’s only on a cable modem right now! Upstream rates are mediocre at best. Okay, I admit, I submitted my site to Google. Shame on me. In other news, I bought Avenue Q at the iTunes music store today.

The Moth Attack

So dB’s 473 class and I are watching the complete Empire Strikes Back last night and right when the mynoks start flying around the Millenium Falcon in the asteriod this huge ol’ moth starts dive-bombing us. Now I usually don’t mind most insects, but moths just creep me out. They’re stupid, ugly, clumsy, and this one was biiiig. It settled down after the action sequence, though, possibly having been riled up out of support for its larger space based brethren.