Oh! My ears! My ears!

Went to the 77th Annual Academy Awards Sound Editing Bakeoff last night. Up for nomination were The Polar Express, Collateral, Spider-Man 2, The Day After Tomorrow, The Incredibles, Ray, and The Aviator. Were I a voting member I’d choose Incredibles, Collateral, and Polar Express, probably in that order. But man were those clips loud. I’m glad I sat in the back and next time I’ll bring ear plugs. Seriously.

Zejdz zmoich wlosow

That Two and a Half Men episode I saw taped back in on Dec. 3 finally aired tonight on CBS. Interesting choices. I didn’t much care for the show when it was taped, and I still think the writing could use improvement, but editing and post definitely helped the episode, and Charlie Sheen is much better on camera than he is live (hate to say it, but it’s true, at least from far away). I can make out Nikki’s laugh in the right channel of the audience laugh track, it’s quite discernable at times.


Gizmodo speculates the unbranded, unlocked GSM Treo 650 will not have EDGE. I sure as hell hope it does, thank you very much. AT&T wireless (former) customers have EDGE access and T-mobile I’m sure is going to go EDGE sometime soon. I think, if anything, the Cingular version will be subsidy-locked, and that’s it. Please, PalmOne, let that be it.


Whores, Goddamnit

Saw the national tour of Best Little Whorehouse in Texas last night at the Cerritos Prrforming Arts Center. That’s a nice venue. Large theatre, not-too-comfortable seats. Anyway, my friend Jenny Gelwick was in the show as Linda Lou (one of the girls). They wrap up their tour in March at the Kodak after taking another swing around the country starting in a few days. My thoughts on the show—well, I enjoyed it. It looked like fun. I could go into a critical analysis of the set, direction, choreography, stuff like that, but I’ll just say that the performers were too good for the show—they deserve better.

Random Book Title

I had a thought that made me laugh the other day on the road, the idea for a title of a (joke) children’s educational book: Elephants Are People, Too!

Don’t ask me why, my neurons just fired in a strange pattern that day. 🙂

Production Osophy (borrowed)

“No time to do it right, plenty of time to do it over.”

(I didn’t come up with this one; Don’t let this happen to your production!)

Broken Pickups and Classes

Wednesday on the way home from class I noticed an unoccupied pickup in the intersection of Hoover and 31st St. It’s front left suspension broke, apparently while making a left turn onto NB Hoover. Sheesh. I helped out with “traffic control,” if you can call it that, for 10 mins. or so until a flatbed arrived to haul the sorry pickup away. I can’t imagine my car getting to such a state where the suspension simply breaks. But I guess it happens…. because, well, it did.

In other news, Thursday’s classes look great. Doe Mayer teaches CTPR 531 Thurs 9-12 and it’s going to be an awesome albeit hard working experince. And Jack Epps Jr., the writer of Top Gun (among others) teaches Advanced Playscript Analysys. He seems easygoing and he’s entertaining and articulate. The work load doesn’t seem that intense (to balance out the 531/Prepping the Doc class). In the end I think this will be a good semester. It certainly seems that way in the beginning.