Random Book Title

I had a thought that made me laugh the other day on the road, the idea for a title of a (joke) children’s educational book: Elephants Are People, Too!

Don’t ask me why, my neurons just fired in a strange pattern that day. 🙂

Production Osophy (borrowed)

“No time to do it right, plenty of time to do it over.”

(I didn’t come up with this one; Don’t let this happen to your production!)

Broken Pickups and Classes

Wednesday on the way home from class I noticed an unoccupied pickup in the intersection of Hoover and 31st St. It’s front left suspension broke, apparently while making a left turn onto NB Hoover. Sheesh. I helped out with “traffic control,” if you can call it that, for 10 mins. or so until a flatbed arrived to haul the sorry pickup away. I can’t imagine my car getting to such a state where the suspension simply breaks. But I guess it happens…. because, well, it did.

In other news, Thursday’s classes look great. Doe Mayer teaches CTPR 531 Thurs 9-12 and it’s going to be an awesome albeit hard working experince. And Jack Epps Jr., the writer of Top Gun (among others) teaches Advanced Playscript Analysys. He seems easygoing and he’s entertaining and articulate. The work load doesn’t seem that intense (to balance out the 531/Prepping the Doc class). In the end I think this will be a good semester. It certainly seems that way in the beginning.

051 Classes Begin

This semester here’s what’s on the agenda: Advanced Sound, 581B (finishing Sound Design on Randy Riggs’ “Spaceboy”), Prepping the Documentary CTPR-531, and Script Analysis CTWR-516. Also I will lead SA (Student Assist) 546N Sound again and hopefully for the last time, and Kirk Sullivan will be my wingman as the second 546N Sound SA. In between all of this I shall do other miscellaneous and occasionally fun things of which yet I know little but expect much.

Love Osophy

That which upon seeking one does not find, yet in time reveals itself of its own accord.

MobileWhack’s Pipe Dream about Apple’s Phantom iPhone


For the past few days now I’ve been scouring the net for something like this phone. It doesn’t exist. It won’t exist for a long time. Apple and cell phones? Well, it would have to be a GSM phone. What about EDGE? By the time that happens, Cingular will have rolled out its nationwide UMTS network and the phone will need “updating” ($$$). But wait, isn’t that how this technology game is supposed to work?

I don’t know. All I know is I need a new cell phone and Steve may pull a rabbit out of his hat at MWSF 2005, but he might not. Things are good, and they’re only getting better. We must look to the future but relish what we have in the present because there’s always something better on the horizon.

—consumed by technology (?)

Osophy Dump

The behavior of a government does not necessarily reflect upon the behavior of its people.

An individual unwilling to entertain an alternative viewpoint is unworthy of my time.

One who is unwilling to listen is also afraid: afraid that he may be wrong.

We are all wrong.

11/10/04: “In one’s quest to find all that is there, one is bound to find that which is not.”

12/24/04: “On the road of life, there are no speed limits.” (Much like how Montana used to be.)