Student killed in hit-and-run - Daily Trojan - News

This was a student from my building. I didn’t know him, but apparently he was a doctoral business student in his last year. Please, people, please be careful when crossing the street. It’s not your fault, but just be safe! Look both ways and never assume any crazy, inconsiderate, hit-and-run coward will ever stop for you. (link no longer works) Above: Just slightly below and left of center is the sheet covering the victim’s body. This was about 25-50 yards from the front door to my apartment. The crosswalk where he was allegedly hit was much further down the street.

“Speed Dating” or “11 Blind First Dates in One Hour”

I think the title says it all. I went to this grad student senate sponsored speed dating thing tonight. It was scheduled to take two hours, but it took an hour for everyone to get nametags and get in the door, so we only got to meet 11 people of the opposite sex. And it’s not like you could choose whom to go to next, we just rotated up a number. So each “date” was about four minutes long, then the hosts blew a whistle and the guys had to rotate to the next girl.

California Vehicle Code Sec. 27007

No driver of a vehicle shall operate, or permit the operation of, any sound amplification system which can be heard outside the vehicle from 50 or more feet when the vehicle is being operated upon a highway, unless that system is being operated to request assistance or warn of a hazardous situation. This section shall not apply to authorized emergency vehicles or vehicles operated by gas, electric, communications, or water utilities. This section does not apply to the sound systems of vehicles used for advertising, or in parades, political or other special events, except that use of sound systems on those vehicles may be prohibited by a local authority by ordinance or resolution.

Efficient Vehicles in HOV Lanes: Why not VW TDI’s?

California wants to change federal law to allow states to determine HOV lane traffic. Contrary to how the EPA tests (and therefore how the dealers advertize), here are some average real life numbers for a few of the new gasoline-electric hybrid cars: 40 mpg for the Honda Civic Hybrid Mid-40s mpg for the Prius 50 mpg for the Honda Insight Hmm. I drive a 4-cylinder diesel car. I get mileage like that. Why won’t I be able to drive in the HOV lane? Especially if my emissions are clean from running on biodiesel.

Randomism on Suckiness

I haven’t seen anything suck so bad
since the Hoover adminstration.

Really, and what was that?

The Hoover adminstration.