Spring 2005 Advanced Sound a Re-sounding Success, say Jenkins and Holman

Yahoo! We’re done. We screened all ten mixes of the back half of Rogue 379, the pet 581 project the class adopted for our exercise. I was generally happy with mine with the exception that the voiceover and some of the dialogue seemed a bit too low in places. (Of course it sounded fine in Dub A.) Maybe the dialogue became so ingrained in my mind that I thought I heard it louder than it actually was while I was mixing it. OR maybe the Dub A to Hitchcock Theater translation wasn’t perfect after all.

Nothing to Report

Well I’m directing a 546 Doc in the fall. My immediate task is to crew up. Then keep it alive over the summer. Oh yeah, I should finish out this semester, too. Then over the summer I need to look for a place to live for the fall. Anyone know of any good places in LA? It’s warming up, too, so I should probably install air conditioning in my apartment for the summer. Then I need to do the whole FAFSA/financial aid thing, and the paperwork for the graduation ceremony next month.

All in the Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, was the guest last night on CU. I directed, of course, and the show went pretty well. Of all things, we were impressed with the timing of the credit music at the end of the show. It ended exactly on time. Perfect. Of course, I had it planned that way all along (yeah, right). I think some people on the show were astonished that something could be timed so well. At any rate I think it earned me a little bit of credibility at TrojanVision. Anyway, Seth talked about the show—Fox picked it up again—and did a voice or two. It was a very fun and energizing show. Seth is a cool guy. I wonder if he needs any writers for his show?

I am. The coolest. Ever. (or Patting Myself on the Back)

So this lady’s car breaks down right at the intersection of WB Adams at Hoover, in the #1 lane (that’s the left lane). And I decide to help her out. Traffic’s backed up a long ways and there’s narry a cop or tow truck in sight. She called AAA but they’ll be a who knows how long. Meanwhile the natives are getting restless. But what can I do? I don’t have a cop car with pushbumpers to just push her car out of the way…. But then I remembered something: I have an old pair of sneakers in my car.

Top Gun and Jack

CTWR-516 Advanced Script Analysis w/ Jack Epps today. Awesome. We watched Top Gun, he told us some stories about it (and some about other stuff), people made a few jokes, we had fun. The print was in 2.35:1 and besides the right projector being a bit fast (my observation) everything went great. Although they should really check out the sound system in 108—something’s not right. Good class, good friends, good teacher, had a fun time, and learned in the process. Doesn’t get much better than this. :) And it only took me 6 semesters.

Rudolph, Aerial Beacon of Christmas, Dies at 54

read this aloud as a newscaster: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer died yesterday, he was 54. He was flying over Barcelona when his flight path crossed crossed with that of a large flock of seagulls… and a Boeing 747. Although authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash, witnesses at the scene say the reindeer in Spain was hit mainly by the plane.