Strange Thought

It’s so quiet, you can hear the pain in the air.

from CBS

I realize I haven’t posted a new entry in a while so I thought I’d do it now. I’m sitting on Stage 16 on the CBS lot in Studio City, CA. They finally got us wireless internet access so I can make productive use of my time as a 2nd AD (e.g. write blog entries). I feel more productive when I have the internet. 🙂 Anyway, Four Degrees is going pretty well. Adam Lipsius is directing and Randy Riggs is producing. I found this software called Gorilla that helps manage the production, I think it’s good software.

Trek’s End

It’s funny. Ever since I was a kid of 7 years old there has been a Star Trek of one form or another on television. And yesterday the last episode of Enterprise aired. I wonder when the next incarnation will be? Soon? Later? Perhaps Paramount feels it is wise to let the franchise rest for a while. I will certainly miss it…. ☹️

iTunes Music Store sells Videos, iPods Surely to Follow

Did I call that one or what? iTunes 4.8 now supports video. You can buy music videos and such stuff now on the iTunes Music Store. Mark my words: video playback support will soon follow on iPods. Probably the iPod Video or something like that. Perhaps the iPod Photo will get a firmware upgrade to allow video playback to an external monitor or to the internal screen & headphone jack.

The future is bright for digital filmmakers/content providers.

I take it back

My neighbor isn’t an inconsiderate prick any more. I e-mailed him and asked him to stop the loud music in the morning and he apologized. Now to find the people who built the place and find out why they didn’t put insulation in the walls. Oh, okay. It’s Los Angeles, that’s why. I have a theory that if it ever stayed below freezing in LA for any period of time that everything would fall apart and there would be chaos everywhere. That probably goes true for lots of mediterranian-climate-type places.

Begging for Questions

Kudos to Kevin for spotting an errant “begs the question” which I subsequently changed to “makes me wonder.” Let us all band together to stamp out errant grammar and mixed metaphors. Let us not put the chicken before the horse and beat a dead dog, because nobody should count blessings before they’re hatched. Also watch out for those singular pronouns. By the way, why doesn’t Kevin ever post comments here? The Arbiter has had too much vinum? I await your reply forthwith. (If you put a link to my site on yours, I will do correspondingly here.

My Neighbor is an Inconsiderate Prick

It’s 7:15 in the morning on a Monday and he’s blasting music loud enough I can feel the wall vibrating! What a jerk! Seriously, dude, give it a rest. Some people don’t like rock music the first thing in the morning.