Quite a dramatic title for such a banal blog entry. I’d like to bring back OAS3: the Online Audition Self Scheduling System. I wrote it over a year ago but haven’t had much use for it since. The premise is very simple. You log in and create a project. From there you attach dates to projects and then attach audition timeslots to those dates. Then you invite actors via e-mail. (In my opinion actors without e-mail are not serious about the biz.) They get an e-mail telling them they’ve been invited to audition for your project.


You could hear the distant crack of the explosives echoing off the brick facade of the neighborhood. The distinctive whirr and pop of the ammunition. Sometimes a barrage would go off all at once and dogs would bark in the distance. There were loud explosions all over the sky, they would light up the city in a brief flash of light. It was dangerous to fly low in this environment. Even driving a personnel transport down the street you risked being hit by it or at least driving over some of the spent casings.


In my experience there are the naysayers and the yaysayers. The naysayers say everything couldn’t be worse whereas the yaysayers say everything couldn’t be better. The trick is to be a little bit of both and not too much of either.

Where’s all the BioDiesel?

So, coming back to Denver for a couple weeks after 6 months, I drive back in my Golf TDI expecting to be able to fuel up with some B20. But no! There are not more biodiesel stations now, there are fewer! Apparently Offen Petroleum doesn’t sell it at the moment and although Blue Sun says they’re going to open up 10 more filling stations in a week-and-a-half, the closest place I can get biodiesel is now further away in Commerce City! Yaargh! Luckily I bought some 5 gallon diesel containers so I don’t have to fuel up too often.

Why I Hate Adams & Hoover or I Just Need to Rant

I figure it’s safe to blow off some steam here, so here goes: I hate my apartment. It’s spacious, I have it all to myself, but here are some of the things I just can’t stand: The NOISE. I will absolutely without a doubt live next in a place that has less noise. This is divided into sub-categories: Traffic. Busses, trucks, obnoxious “cool” cars, extremely loud motorcycles, deafening stereo bass booming “gangstas,” the emergency vehicles that go by at least once every hour. The only relief I get is once or twice a year when they shut down the streets for marathons and runs.

2 Quotations

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin

There are no problems; only situations which allow us to be creative.

Philip Rosenberg-Watt