The Digital TV Weblog: Monetizing Video Podcasts, Washington Post style

I’m thinking of producing a video podcast in a short-length reality TV format based on the struggle of my sister to make it in showbiz. The show, tentatively titled Living the Dream, needs to have a model for making money. Either people will pay to watch a 5-10 minute weekly podcast or they will get it free and I will sell short 5-10 second advertising space at the beginning and end of the podcast. My quandry is this: would you be willing to pay a minimal fee, such as 99¢ per download, or would you prefer a free download if it contained short ads at the beginning and end of the episode?

Web Addressing Question

Does every web site in the world have to start with “www?” This one doesn’t. And I fear if I tell people to go to “,” they won’t understand that you don’t put a “www.” in front of it. At this point I think they’re just extra letters: a formality of the olden days of the internet, if you will. But they may be necessary. Are they?

Migration Underway

I’m migrating from pMachine Pro 2.4 to ExpressionEngine. There may be some hiccups in the process. Not like I have a large reading audience anyway; I guess this is more for my own logs than anything else. Anyway, I’m starting with EE Core v 1.4.2 and it seems to be going pretty smoothly, only a few minor modifications done so far. And the Pictures category comes across too wide at the moment.

Getting Clippy w/ VW

Yesterday I was all ready to post a comment about how VW sucks because my window fell down yesterday on the freeway as the rain was moving in. And of course it was Sunday so I couldn’t get to the dealer until today. But fortunately they offered to fix it for me today for free as well as the driver’s side window if it is indeed the window regulator clips. And I’m confident that it will be. So VW doesn’t suck, after all. At least they have atoned for this particular sin—designing a plastic window clip that breaks more than occasionally.