Window Visitor

Strategically placed to catch meals, no screen on the window.

spider in web

I was about to lean out the window, good thing I noticed her.

USC Film School Administration Held Up by Red Tape

This is regarding the Student Affairs Office. May 26: I noticed I hadn’t graduated yet so I went to Student Affairs and they said they said they’d look into it and that I should check back next week. I felt good after this meeting, like I was being taken care of. May 31: I followed up as requested and was told that there was a form that needed to be signed by two teachers, that they had requested the form, and that I should check back next week to see if they’ve gotten it and it was being processed.

Podcasts: Impressive Numbers, but Commercial Success?

I’m betting on video podcasts. In a big way. I’m forming a production company whose initial sole method of distribution will be via internet. And the easiest way to watch a video podcast nowadays is via the iTunes Music Store, which means video podcasts. There are the gigantic media corporations with whom my meager company cannot compete: the huge broadcast and cable TV networks with production budgets in the millions. But producing a video podcast, or vodcast, can cost next to nothing. The only thing is, with a budget of next-to-nothing comes a product quality of next-to-nothing, as is evidenced by the current offerings of video podcasts.

Bosal Towbar 027-494 Installed

This is their “ecofit” model. You can’t buy them in the USA, but if you live in Europe you’re in luck. I wanted a factory option on a towing device and this fit the bill. So much cooler than the American options. The towbar bolts in to factory holes in the subframe, replacing the rear bumper (not bumper cover). There were little pulltabs on my car which if you ripped them off with pliers would reveal the hole for the bolt. Pug ‘n’ play. The towball locks into the receiver with a bolt and key-locked cap that keeps it in place.

Coyote Blog: Uhaul Indicator of California Health

Renting U-Haul’s smallest trailer from LA to Denver would cost me $371. But if I were moving that same trailer from Portland, OR to LA it would cost me $26!!!. Wow.

If I had the time and the choice, I’d look for the metro area with the lowest U-Haul rates out of town and move there. It must be indicative of resident satisfaction or something.