Web Addressing Question

Does every web site in the world have to start with “www?” This one doesn’t. And I fear if I tell people to go to “blog.rosenberg-watt.com,” they won’t understand that you don’t put a “www.” in front of it. At this point I think they’re just extra letters: a formality of the olden days of the internet, if you will. But they may be necessary. Are they?

Migration Underway

I’m migrating from pMachine Pro 2.4 to ExpressionEngine. There may be some hiccups in the process. Not like I have a large reading audience anyway; I guess this is more for my own logs than anything else. Anyway, I’m starting with EE Core v 1.4.2 and it seems to be going pretty smoothly, only a few minor modifications done so far. And the Pictures category comes across too wide at the moment.

Getting Clippy w/ VW

Yesterday I was all ready to post a comment about how VW sucks because my window fell down yesterday on the freeway as the rain was moving in. And of course it was Sunday so I couldn’t get to the dealer until today. But fortunately they offered to fix it for me today for free as well as the driver’s side window if it is indeed the window regulator clips. And I’m confident that it will be. So VW doesn’t suck, after all. At least they have atoned for this particular sin—designing a plastic window clip that breaks more than occasionally.

Some Vonage users are frustrated about Comcast connection quality | IP Telephony, VoIP, Broadband


It seems logical to me, but personally I don’t feel that Comcast has its act together enough to subtly sabotage Vonage VoIP packets. I’m just lucky if my Adelphia cable internet stays up for more than an hour at a time. Or maybe it’s their DNS servers, who knows what my problems are….

What Lost Me

My mother was right. The show is too violent. A while ago I asked her to watch an episode on Wednesday night. It happened to be the one where Sayid beat on their Other hostage Henry. I explained to her that she needed to understand the backstory as to why the people behaved this way. Well last night the producers pushed me closer to that line where I will no longer watch the show. This morning during my morning routine I realized that I still reeled after last night’s events.

Driving Reminder: “Privilege, Anyone?”

I’d like to place a reminder on my weblog. It’s aimed more towards the news media, who tend to be making a big stink about rising gas prices. Contrary to popular American belief, driving is a privilege, not a right. There is no constitutional guarantee to driving a car or receiving cheap gasoline prices from vendors. Let’s face it people, demand is rising and supply is falling. Anyone who took a high school economics class can tell you that prices will rise. And there’s nothing anybody can really do about it.