It’s A Priviliege....

I just wanted to say a few words about Urinetown and its amazing cast. They are amazing. Those who know me know I rarely go into such a panegyric; I could go into detail about each of the cast members but let’s just say that I am honored to be working with such a talented, hard working, dedicated, wonderful group of people. We may be exactly one week before opening and some of us are worried about lights, costumes, props, and all those tiny details that round out our show into what would otherwise be a staged reading, but I know that we can and will pull it all together to have an amazing opening and an amazing run.

Organicsism as a Reaction to Overwhelming Technological Encroachment

I speculate that some of the momentum behind the latest organics movement in consumer products is motivated by a counter culture reaction the preponderance of technology permeating our everyday lives. True there are those of us who believe in preserving the Earth’s biosphere for future generations and the survival of humankind but I propose that most American consumers do not consider this when purchasing. The corporation’s interest in organics and renewable and sustainable products can only be motivated by corporate self-interest and policy and only to the point of self-sustainment for said corporation.