Snow More

So I think that Denver is done with any meaningful snow accumulation for the season, and I’m going to de-winterize our sprinkler system. Who wants a piece of the action?

Save It

Ya see, folks, Bannon may actually be a strategic genius. The more he gets people stirred up and upset over everything that he’s doing, the more people get fatigued that much faster and the sooner they give up and give in. “Fuck it,” people say. The farther Left you are, the faster you get exhausted, which is exactly what he wants. My advice is: pick one cause about which you care the most, and FIGHT FOR THAT WITH EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT. Deprioritize everything else and quite possibly you should turn off the news and newspapers and TV.


That is what I imagine Steve Bannon is thinking in his head as he watches the establishment start to crumble down around him. He’s no fool. He is a smart, strategic person who – unfortunately for us – does not represent the most positive aspects of America. And, as a double whammy, he’s basically in charge of the whole country. Trump is his fool and he knows it. Bannon’s playing him like … some kind of ancient instrument that you breathe into and out comes a lot of hot air and loud, unpleasant noise.

Anyway, here are my predictions for the future.

Brought To You By

The best thing you can do for yourself is to stop watching commercials. Think for yourself. Form your own opinions. Cultivate a true disdain for commercials. They are manipulating you for someone else’s gain. Simple as that. Be offended.

They’re really good at it, too.