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2017-10-12 Osophy on Gratitude, Strangeness of
2017-10-11 Osophy on Comprehension, Difficulty of
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2013-09-23 Osophy on Wealth, Obvious
2013-08-23 Osophy on Methods, Implementation of
2013-08-16 Osophy on Excuses, Intelligent
2013-07-18 Osophy on Commenting, Why Not To
2013-01-24 Food, Fetishy Metaphor
2012-09-24 Osophy on Trash, Expense of
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2011-10-24 Osophy on Greatness (Borrowed)
2011-10-11 Osophy on Initiative, Scarcity
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2011-07-28 Osophy on Learning, Braveness of (Borrowed)
2011-05-31 Osophy on Helping You Help Yourself
2011-05-18 Osophy on Unhelpfulness, Unclarity of
2011-03-26 Osophony on English, Frenchness of
2011-03-18 Osophy on Predominant Precision, Perfection and Profitability of
2011-03-07 Osophy on Credentials, Cost of
2010-08-01 Osophy on Defeat, Certainty with Attitude of
2010-07-31 Osophy on Words, Hilarity of
2010-07-30 On Substantial Blog Entries, Lack of
2010-07-12 Osophy on Anything, Excessiveness Of
2010-01-23 Osophy on Correctness, Incorrectness of
2009-12-17 Malapropistic Osophy
2009-12-17 Osophy on Accidents, Nonexistence of
2009-12-16 Osophy on Specialness, Everydayness of
2009-11-23 Osophy on Arguments, Specious
2009-06-17 Osophy on Futures, Trading Now For
2008-12-11 Osophy on Entertainment of Self and Others
2008-10-16 Osophy on Shorties, Scrappiness of
2008-10-10 Osophy on Goodness, Veracity of
2008-10-10 Osophy on Paths, Heartfelt
2008-07-28 Bitter Osophy of the Moment
2008-07-02 On the currency of music and wishful thinking
2008-07-01 Osophy on Data Mining
2008-07-01 Osophy on Party Systems, Minimum Required Number of
2008-03-10 Osophy on Mindsets, Relativity of
2008-01-16 Renewable Resources
2008-01-11 Osophy of the Day (or Night?)
2007-12-30 cogito ergo sum or sum ergo cogito?
2007-12-20 Osophy on Beauty, Fleetingness of
2007-11-14 Knowledge vs Power
2007-11-05 Osophy on Thought, Loss of, continued
2007-10-12 Osophy on Wiseness, Dumbness of
2007-10-11 Model Mottos, and other Miscellanea
2007-10-10 When Words Fall Flat
2007-10-05 Rhyme on Reason
2007-09-01 Osophy on Social Niceties, Abuse of
2007-07-28 Osophy on Staleness, Freshness of
2007-06-30 Osophy on Being
2007-04-14 Osophy on Happiness, External Features of
2007-04-13 Deus ex mentis
2007-02-19 Osophy on Loss
2007-01-03 Just About Justification
2006-12-18 Osophy on Action, Words Of
2006-10-30 Knowledge Osophy
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2006-10-29 Osophy on Security, Senses of
2006-10-19 Thought of the Day for Extroverts
2006-10-13 Sound Advice, Tastes Like Chicken
2006-06-05 You Say Tomato, I Say Potato
2006-03-14 Osophy on Osophies
2005-12-06 Osophy on Character Demands, Difficult
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2005-09-07 Osophy on Inaction
2005-08-11 Impracticality of Omniposessiveness
2005-07-02 N/Yay
2005-06-04 Another Strange Thought
2005-06-04 2 Quotations
2005-06-04 Strange Thought
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2005-01-27 Longevity Osophy
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