Many things happened today that apparently only I know about or care about enough to acknowledge. In the spirit of trees falling in forests, I reflect on them.

Today I…

sprayed out the water distiller and filled it up with another gallon for tonight.

moved piles and piles of stuff from one room to another room so furniture could be moved.

packed and shipped two parcels.

made cinnamon rolls.

filled out most of my ballot.

played with Alexander before heading outside.

mowed the lawn.

made Alexander lunch and read him several stories.

noticed a radio was dead and not charging properly so I turned it on and moved it to another charger.

took the car to Costco for tires that had taken almost 6 weeks to come in and waited in line for 5-10 minutes to check in the car.

walked to two other stores in high winds while waiting for the tires.

walked back to Costco and walked through the entire store just to get a couple items.

waited in an extra long food court line for a couple slices of pizza.

waited in line for 5-10 minutes (again) to pick up the car from the tire center.

loaded the car, drove it home, unloaded it, put away groceries.

ate a slice of pizza while I played with Alexander for another hour.

made him dinner and read several more stories.

finally got a 20-minute break.

did not take a shower.

did not have lunch.

I also scanned the documents and receipts, documented the vehicle maintenance in the family wiki, and entered the financial transactions into our ledger.

Somewhere in there I got a “please” or two and a singular “thank you.” Most went unnnoticed and/or unacknowledged, as usual.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something.