Sometimes my " " key doesn’t work right on my keyboard. You know, the " " key. “ABCDE G.” That key. Luckily English has some letters that can substitute.

Maybe I’m pressing it too lightly or typing too phast. Phoruntately phor me, the “ph” letter combo phunctions as a phonetic backup. Just like in my name! So although it is a bit oph a phancy workaround, I pheel that phreely replacing that key with those two letters shouldn’t make anyone pheel too out-oph-sorts, I mean, really, how ophten does one use the letter eph anyway? Come to think oph it, that’s probably why the key was so problematic in the phirst place.

Now I could be intentional and try to construct a phunny phorced phrase like, “Phrom phar away, Phranky the phast phat phox phlatulently pholded phiphteen phalaphels,” or some other such nonsense, but I pheel that the eph sound should phlow naturally as one would phrequently speak or write, depending on the situation.

Anyway, isn’t English phlexible?

Happy Phriday, everyone!