Recently I purchased the domain Ever since then there has been a torrent of spam calls cascading into my telephone number. (I’ve been receiving a lot of spam emails, too, but those are less disruptive.) You see, the .us TLD doesn’t allow registrants to hide their identities. Perhaps that’s why the domains are so cheap.

So why am I not complaining?

I am able to challenge robocallers and phone spammers before they ever reach me.

I run Asterisk at home and my system is designed to interact with the caller before my phone ever rings. It challenges them to prove they are a human and actually dialed my number. If they pass the test, then my phone rings.

I account for wanted automated phone messages (reverse 911, etc.) by sending the caller to voicemail if they fail the test.

I’d love to share more details with you but I’d prefer not to give away my secret sauce in this technological arms race. For now I enjoy being one step ahead.

If you have the resources and inclination to commercialize this product, call me. 😉 ☎️