The Colorado Sun points out that not only does Colorado have the lowest vaccination rate in the nation, but our new Governor is opposed to fixing this problem.

But why stop at vaccinations? Why not give personal exemptions for other things? I want a personal exemption for wearing my seatbelt, for speeding, for driving recklessly. I want an exemption so I can dump trash in my yard. I want to be able to shoot a gun into the air whenever I want. I want to use lead-based paint on my property and fill my yard with rusty nails. And why do bathrooms have to have that stupid sink wasting space and costing money? I don’t want to be told put sinks in my bathrooms. Plus – restaurants should be able to claim exemption from health codes, hospitals should be able to claim exemption from sanitary practices and having sterile ORs. Police officers should be able to have personal exemptions from weapons safety and use of force training.

Or, given no serious medical condition, just f—in’ vaccinate your kids.