A new platform, yet again. This makes it the fourth incarnation. Or is it the fifth? At any rate, it’s now changed to a static site generated by Hugo. I decided to append 3.0 to the blog name because it felt appropriate. (Psst, that’s how most software is versioned, by the way.)

I can easily change the theme and may do that from time to time, but the content will remain the same. I’ve already found a few bugs – well, not bugs, mostly annoyances caused by an inattention to detail – in a couple of themes I’m playing with. As of this writing, I’m using the Jane theme. One thing that concerns me about many popular themes is that they seem to originate in China. Perhaps static website hosting is more popular there.

I don’t know if I’ll enable commenting. I haven’t gotten much traffic on the site previously, and I don’t know why that would change. The social aspect of commenting on other people’s blogs and journals seems a little strange to me. If you want to say something to somebody, send them a message. If you want to say something publicly, create a blog (or a Tweet, or an Instagram, or whatever). Comments have been coopted by the anonymous, trolls, and spam bots.

An advantage to having a static site: you don’t have to worry about hackers! There’s nothing to hack. There’s no way to change the content of this site without access to the source code. WordPress and most other dynamic sites have a database backend as part of the hosting platform. And while the hosted version, WordPress.com, has been great, self-hosted WordPress (which I moved away from in the last transition) required maintenance and upkeep to react to new security vulnerabilities. I suppose someone could always hack the server on which this one is hosted. But I’m not in danger of losing my content because it’s kept in distributed source control.

Anyway, onward.

Forward, always forward.