facebook logo sprouting dendrils

Here are some things I have come to believe about Facebook:

  • It is not acting in your best interest.

    • It creates a false sense of community.

    • Its algorithms are actively trying to manipulate you.

    • It is addictive.

    • It is toxic.

    • It promotes tribalism.

    • It appeals to our baser instincts.

    • It does not challenge you.

    • It does not inspire personal growth.

    • It makes a lot of money off of you.

    • It learns from you.

    • Its relationship with you is based on a great imbalance of power.

    • It shows you what it thinks you want to see.

    • It is a closed system.

    • It does not share its data.

    • Its program is designed to keep things inside the “walled garden.”

    • It is constantly watching everything you do with it.

    • Its creators will do whatever it takes to remain in power.

    • It is not accountable.

    • It has no oversight.

    • It has no regulation.

    • It is actively rearranging your neural pathways to become dependent on it.

    • It needs you.

    • It is easily gamed.

The irony is that many of you may have linked to this article from Facebook. Although, knowing my (lack of) activity on it recently, it is difficult to predict how its algorithms will interact to bring viewers and clicks away from itself and onto my blog here.