kitchen with over-the-range microwave and vent tube extending up into ceiling

Today we installed an over-the-range microwave that we had special ordered from Lowe’s almost a month prior. Most of the time was waiting for it to arrive. We really wanted a unit that had a mute button. Why must microwaves beep incessantly? (Plus don’t get me started on the awful UI. Can’t GE hire a UI/UX Engineer to fix the damn interfaces on these things?!)

I climbed up into the approximately 50°C attic three times and onto the roof twice, but it’s finally done. It only took about 6 hours.

You may notice the ducting extending vertically through the cabinet into the attic, where the run is insulated. It continues from there out to the roof, where there is a cap on it with an integrated hinged backdraft protector.

This is how microwaves and range hoods should be installed. Yes, it is a pain in the ass. Yes, lots of me hurts right now, and some of the roofing tar on my hands won’t come off for a few days. But that’s the price you pay to get something done right. Range hoods and microwaves that recirculate the air back into the kitchen are less than worthless because they trick the uninformed into believing they’re actually helping. They’re not. Exhaust to the outside, especially when cooking smokey or smelly things.

This will be good.

But lord am I tired.

Right now Fitbit says I can eat 4542 calories today.