Folks, Jake here is right on the money. The new administration distracted us with some big hullabaloo over immigration while using the opportunity to do the more strategic, long-term move of removing the military from the National Security Council and permanently putting in a brilliant, extreme-right strategist called Steve Bannon. And when I say “extreme,” I’m not hyperbolizing.

Forget the immigration deal, it was a ploy. A chess move designed to deceive. It’s not a long game they’re playing, but it doesn’t have to be. The administration has the media so turned around and shaken up that soon people will become weary to news alerts and fatigued to the “outrageous” things that Trump is allegedly doing. They’ve already convinced us that the whole “terror” thing is such a threat to each and every one of us – personally – that we would be willing to sacrifice our core beliefs as a nation in order to secure a little temporary security. (And in the long run it will only serve to reinforce and radicalize a new generation of America haters – also what they want. Just imagine if we sent them stuff that would make their lives better instead!? Who would be the “other” then?) In the entire history of our nation, how many people have died as a direct result of terrorist acts? Gun accidents? Car accidents? Domestic homicides? Heart disease? Cancer? Drug overdoses?

Anyway, keep your cards close. Don’t show your hand. Never let them know what you’re thinking. Or you’ll be on a blacklist soon enough. I may already be from this blog. Should I change the title of this blog to “canary in the coal mine?”

Nah, let other folks like Jake Fuentes go first. I just wanna drive my car.

But save your ammo for when you’ll really need it. Hopefully not literally.

We’ve just tested the country’s willingness to capitulate to a fascist regime.

Source: The Immigration Ban is a Headfake, and We’re Falling For It – Medium