Victorious in their media-backed, fear-fueled rampage of hysteria that brought an angry mass of the disenfranchised back into power, the new dynasty parties late past good taste. The contented mass of city-dwellers shocks to the realization their unimpressive candidate cannot retain the moral high ground, as they now truly understand that people care not for the good of the many, but only for the narcissistic needs of one: the self.

The greater the charisma, the greater the evil. The devil frequently woos with words the desperate yearn to hear, and in return grants their mutually assured destruction. Good men, having done nothing, must now learn to play the violin while match factories go into extra production.

Yet hope remains: the office contention with which the country has been distracted remains, by design, the weakest of the three: its shiny throne calling out to sycophantic equivocators who lust for power and have no moral core. There may yet be checks and balances in this once-great national system of governance to help reign in all of the horsemen from their apocalyptic tendencies.

Those of who have nowhere to go, who live entrenched in their communities, now feel the bitter sting the other half complained about all of these years, and their retribution will be cruel and merciless for having been abandoned and betrayed, their cries unheard and unacknowledged for so long.

The larger problem that threatens our planet’s existence will have to take a back seat to denial while the old and frightened feel one last surge of power before they, too, succumb to the one true guarantee of nature.

Who knows, perhaps this new Leader will actually be able to accomplish something worthwhile during his tenure. The other one was practically guaranteed not to.

Note, however, that “worthwhile” and “good” are not necessarily synonymous.