Congratulations to the Cubbies and to all those who purchase their merchandise, identify with them, or in other ways subscribe to their specific brand of tribal identity. (Tribalism assumes a different connotation when considering the name of their rival team, but I digress.) Statistical probability indicates that you should have won the series several more times than you have (zero) in the last 108 years. But in addition to the numbers, the manner in which you won is perhaps the most dramatic that the rules of that particular game could, if not possibly, in all probability allow.

However I feel it is my duty to remind the raucous and celebratory Americans that one continent does not a literal world make. North American Champions is just as meaningful if not as grandiose a title. Please remember that the rest of the World did not participate in the pool to win this lottery, so please do not include them as the losers: it’s just poor sportsmanship.

Speaking of which, why weren’t both teams out on the field congratulating each other after the final play? Is this not a thing?