I am apparently a conservative speaker according to this article, and yes, I do not have any problem with using like as a verb or adjective. I still become irked at the inappropriate use of pronouns, particularly using either or subject or object pronouns incorrectly (with the occasional exception of using the objective first person in place of the subjective, i.e., “It’s me.”).

I’m not particularly fond of the quotative, preferring instead to use “said” or “asked” or “shouted” or many other more descriptive and expressive words, but I especially dislike the discourse marker and discourse particle versions of like, since it feels to me the same as phrases so overused that they garner their own acronyms to the point of pointlessness. Examples: FWIW, FYI, FTFY, FBOW, and FML. Just don’t use them.

It’s an interesting technical evaluation. I realize language is fluid but one can become sensitized to the mundane loquacity of a populace.

Source: Grammar Girl : Why Do People Say “Like” So Much? :: Quick and Dirty Tips ™

P.S. I also don’t like (correct usage, BTW by the way) the use of “welp” in place of “well.” Urbanfictionary Urbandictionary claims it originated from Dumb and Dumber, an apt metaphor if naïvely optimistic on the part of the purists.