That massive number, which far exceeded optimistic forecasts, upends traditional thinking about how to sell cars and is expected to spur the auto industry to shift more dramatically to market electric technology to consumers, analysts said.

Source: The car industry has never witnessed what Tesla is about to go through - The Washington Post

Sigh. They still don’t get it and they probably never will. It’s not just that the Model 3 is electric. And it’s not just that the car is fast and sleek and high-tech. And it’s not just that the car gets better over time through over-the-air software updates. And it’s not just that they have a vast network of superchargers. And it’s not just Tesla’s direct sales, no-dealership model. It’s all of these things combined. And that is why traditional auto makers will probably never catch up. Chevy may have the 200-ish mile range Bolt but they don’t have the other stuff. Sorry, establishment. You’ve had a good run, but you’re over.