So the market in the Denver metro area is quite out-of-whack. It’s heavily skewed in favor of the sellers. And the rental market isn’t any better. So I thought I’d start documenting our woeful quest here on my blog. We seek to buy a house nearer to our works.

So far we have had 4 failed offers:

**Offer #1 **(2015-01-26) was a backup offer for a cute little ranch house extremely close to my work, transit, and shopping. The primary closed very quickly for 5% under asking, so we suspect it was a cash purchase.

Offer #2 (2015-02-17) was an unsolicited offer to buy an undeveloped vacant lot. The owner did not respond to us after a phone call and a postal letter.

Offer #3 (2015-02-23) was an offer for an incomplete renovation that had no floors or interior doors, some missing railings, and unfinished electrical. The listing agent said they received multiple offers and were above asking.

Offer #4 (2015-03-13) was an offer for a small 2-story house that needed some updating. The listing agent told us that the sellers went with a cash offer above asking price.

Stay tuned! More failures sure to follow!