Well, I’ve thought about it, and I thought I might have something more insightful or pithy to say on the subject matter. But I don’t. I can, however, tell you how I am approaching the matter in our particular circumstance:

  1. Intensely absorb all available information on all properties in your area, price range, and style, in that order, and as quickly as your neurochemistry allows.

  2. If there are homes already under contract that you would seriously like to own, make a backup offer.

  3. Set up instant email alerts matching your criteria. Be sure to set your filters somewhat outside of your ideal parameters, because a good compromise may arise. But be sure to set the important filters like location and price correctly.

  4. WAIT.

  5. When a house comes up that looks interesting, drive by it ASAP.

  6. If you like the exterior and other environmental characteristics, set up a showing or attend the open house, whichever is soonest. Otherwise go to step #4.

  7. Check out the interior and examine for any expensive problems. (Foundation stuff, not paint colors or other stylistic choices).

  8. Keep in mind that the ONLY thing you cannot eventually change about a house is its location.

  9. If you like it, make an offer (in Colorado we use this form). Otherwise go to step #4.

  10. Negotiate until you are under contract. Otherwise to step #4.

That’s it. The more thought you give as to what’s truly important, the more quickly you will be able to act when what you know you want comes along. In other words, the more narrow the scope, the more desirable the outcome. Also spend as much time, if not more, to decide what is not important to you regarding a house.

We put in a backup offer very quickly on a house we liked but, alas, ‘twas not meant to be.

Another will come along.

Mr. Money Mustache has some good advice on the matter, even though it is more than a year out of date at this point and now, at least in our area, the market very much favors the seller (as in: demand outpaces supply).

UPDATE: So the next morning, guess what’s on the front page of The Denver Post? I now have some doubts that we will succeed in finding the home we want this year…. ☹

*Yes, the title takes the metaphor to its logical conclusion.