Our world is on the verge of a revolutionary change. Can you see it? It’s coming.

The powers that be will fight – hard – this change. Empires will topple. Seismic shifts are now underway in our energy economy.

Since the industrial revolution, humans have been poisoning the planet with our various byproducts. The biggest one we contribute on an individual basis comes from the energy required to move ourselves around in these gigantic wheeled metal, plastic, and glass containers called automobiles. Automobiles have shaped our society over the past hundred years and pervaded our lives in so many ways that most of us in this first world now cannot sustain our livelihoods without utilizing one of them on a daily basis.

The byproduct of this convenience has been the gradual demise of the very planet we call home.

Some visionaries in science and industry see this fundamental shift in our societal consciousness and stand ready to capitalize on our desire to sustain our existence beyond the short horizon past which most people cannot see: the end of their own brief lives.

I hope you realize the magnitude of this shift away from internal combustion-based transportation and towards the electric future. It will rock the world.

And it is here.

As a person of good conscience, I renew my pledge to never purchase another internal combustion engine vehicle. My feet straddle two worlds: one remains planted in the world-that-has-been, and the other is about to land in the brave new electric future.

How much is the future of humanity worth?