As I was plugging in the Leaf at work this morning, a contractor commented that he “should petition his work to give him free gas.” Then he used a mocking tone to make a remark about how he knows it’s really about helping the environment and all that.

I commented that it’s more about helping my pocketbook and about how cheap it is to operate.

He said that he didn’t understand why that was the case, seeing that we have to get the coal and burn it in a power plant; that gas should be cheaper.

Really? Perhaps he’s referring to some vast forest of gasoline trees, whose sap flows freely at a pure, ASTM tested, 85 octane? As far as I know, you only have to transport coal once to the power plant. With gasoline, I’m pretty sure you have to extract it, transport it, refine it, transport it again, and then you can burn it in your car. Everyone gets a piece of the action in that scenario. I pay far fewer middlemen with my e-fuel. Oh yeah, and we make it domestically.

Can you make gasoline for free from panels on the roof of your house?

Does your car burn cleaner over time?

Can you gas up in your own garage?

It’s amazing the uninformed idiocy that permeates our society in the guise of personal opinion.