Our EV has been great. It’s cheap to operate; smooth, quiet, and fun to drive; and helps us feel better about our environmental impact. There’s just one problem with having one: you want two.

Gasoline is expensive and it pollutes more than electric. So we want to drive the Leaf as much as possible. If we could have two EVs, we would do it (correction: affordable EVs, not the current Tesla offering). But one EV isn’t enough to cover all of our driving: we still need one petro-powered car for longer trips and for when our activities diverge.

Or do we? That is an assumption I’ve been making, but is it correct? How many days per year would we have to rent an ICE car to get where we need to go? Would it be less expensive to own two EVs and rent a gasser when needed or to own one EV and one gasser? Or to own two EVs and one gasser?

I think I’ll have to do some number crunching.

Good thing I collect a lot of data about my driving habits.

…Stay tuned…