It’s simple, even though I only watched the first few minutes of it. (That’s almost as little as what I could stand to watch of the Sound of Music broadcast itself, but I digress….) SNL’s cold open wasn’t funny because it didn’t make fun of the Sound of Music live broadcast. I don’t watch SNL, so I don’t get their in-jokes. I had no idea who that creepy awkward character was, nor did I care. The SoM broadcast provided ample opportunity for parody, but they didn’t even acknowledge its awfulness in the little I watched. Did it get better? Or more relevant?

I guess you have to be good first, before you can be intentionally bad. SNL was merely cheap, capitalizing on the hype surrounding SoM without acknowledging that they actually watched it. (Did they?)

Where is Aaron Sorkin when you need him? Or Gerard Alessandrini? Now he can do parody.