Immediately after the Boston Marathon bombings, cell service was disabled as a preventive measure. As an emergency communicator, I prepare for this stuff and usually have at least one radio nearby at all times. What’s your communications plan should they shut off your cell phone service? Remember: that means no voice calls, text messages, emails, mobile web, or anything else getting into or out of your mobile phone. Do you have a landline? What if that should fail as well? It probably will because the system will be jammed with people trying to call one another. (Hint: the telephone system is not designed for 100% usage capacity.)

Do you know an amateur radio operator? Do you have an emergency plan? Does it include a rally point (is it your home)? What if that location is unsafe or unreachable? What if your entire neighborhood is unsuitable? Where is your near-distance evacuation destination? What if your entire metropolitan area, state, or region is evacuated? What is your long-distance evacuation destination? Do you have a go bag with supplies for up to 72 hours? Where do you keep it? Does it include your prescription medications? Food? Change(s) of clothing?