Facebook – at least my Facebook feed – is turning into a bunch of advertising for brands and products via people ‘liking’ them, 1+ day old meme posts that were already reposted on Reddit, and cutesy videos. Where’s the original content?

Wait, I don’t care. Aside from the “my birthdays” spam that happens to infiltrate my email somehow, Facebook is all about me. Or rather it’s all about you. This blog is all about me. But for you it’s like going to a library or buying a subscription (remember RSS?). You don’t have to see it unless you want to. Just like I don’t have to see everyone by ignoring Facebook.

Walled gardens and all that. The U.S. Government is less restrictive on free speech than Facebook is.

And where’s the original content? Let me answer my own question. Facebook owns it. No wonder nobody posts anything good there. (Anymore or ever?)

The only thing Facebook is good for is to ask people what their contact info is so I can update my address book. Oh yeah, where is that service already?

In case you didn’t get it, say the first two words of the title fast.