I tried to fuse “blog cleaning” and “housekeeping.”

I’m trying to keep the look of my blog simple and yet useful. Recently Twitter Tools integrated with MailChimp’s Social Plugin for Wordpress – or rather, threw all functionality over the wall to it – and now my blog needs some housekeeping. For the moment their super-special comments field looks super-craptacular with my blog’s lightly-modified theme. And it appears that Twitter Tools doesn’t do much anymore. Now with this Social plugin I have the option of aggregating comments on my content from Twitter and Facebook. Is that a plus or a minus? I’m going to use it for a little while and decide later.

Also, I’ve cleaned up the Blogroll links. Some of these blogs were dead or on life support, and I’ve only kept the active ones that have reciprocal links. Okay, so that leaves one blogroll link at this point. So be it.

Yay. A boring blog entry about boring blog stuff. Booring.