This once again inspires me to remind you to USE S/MIME ENCRYPTION on any email you send that may have sensitive information in it. And by “sensitive information,” I mean information that you don’t want other people or companies to know about FOREVER.

Using email with S/MIME encryption is like having a safe deposit box at your bank. They store the items in a box in their vault (the encrypted email on their server) but it takes both of your keys to open it (theirs = server access, yours = private S/MIME decryption key). They know you have a box in their vault but they do not know the contents. Except whenever you don’t use S/MIME email encryption, it’s like allowing anyone at the bank to open your safe deposit box at any time and without your key. And I’m willing to wager that you almost never use S/MIME encryption on your sensitive emails.

Ask me how. It’s easy.

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