I’ve decided that I’m going to protest Standard Time the next time that shift happens, next fall. I dislike having to reset all my clocks twice a year but I truly hate having to reset my own body clock. It messes me up. I feel sleep deprived. It takes weeks to get back on schedule. It JUST AIN’T WORTH IT. So… we will “spring ahead” in the spring and I’ll painfully, slowly, and begrudgingly adjust my internal clock accordingly. Eventually I’ll get up an hour earlier. But then in the fall when we “fall back,” – when I normally would have gained an hour of sleep – I’m not going to get up an hour later like I did this year. I’m going to continue going into work at the same time I would have gone in: as if the shift had not happened at all. That means I’ll have to set my alarm clock for an hour earlier during the winter. I’ll arrive at 7 am and leave at 4 pm. My body will thank me for it. I won’t feel like I’m slowly going insane. I will choose to stay on DST year-round because I like having light later in the day all the time. Who’s with me?