I’m installing tile floor in my kitchen. After weeks and weeks of removing things from the floors and walls, it’s nice to be putting something back into my house. There is nobody here to help me this week: I’m doing the tile all by myself. The helper in the 1st picture is there for moral support as she lacks opposable thumbs.

UPDATE 1 (2011-08-18-0811): Added pictures from Wednesday night.

UPDATE 2 (2011-08-18-2001): Added picture from Thursday evening.

UPDATE 3 (2011-08-19-2129): Added picture from Friday night.

completely tiled

Friday night: all tiles are in!

mostly tiled

Thursday’s progress

three quarters tiled from oustide kitchen

Another view of Wednesday’s progress

three quarters tiled from in kitchen

Wednesday’s progress after Tuesday night off

far half tiled

Monday after work

far quadrant tiled

Sunday’s progress

kitchen floor with cross of tiles

Saturday: Lay Ditra and cross check tile pattern