In my house search, I have encountered a condo for sale very close to my work. To illustrate just exactly how close it is to my work, I’m including this image from Google Maps directions:

driving directions map


  • Close to work

  • Condo = no yard work

  • No driving to work

  • 4-minute commute by foot

  • Walkable to restaurants, groceries

  • Pool

  • Close to work


  • Small, only one bedroom

  • No room to grow

  • Little room for guests

  • No garage

  • Shared walls with neighbors

  • Monthly condo association fees

  • Expensive for the size

It sure would be nice not to have to drive to work at all. I would regain 2 hours/day of my life for other endeavors. My commute time currently works out to (10 hours/week, 40 hours/month, 480 hours/year, or 20 days per year! Plus I’d save over $100/month on fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.

However, it doesn’t come with a garage  and I have to share my walls with my neighbors. Are they noisy? Do they have loud pets? And what about the condo association fees? Are there special assessments? Will the fees go up?

So… thoughts, anyone?