I awaken to the sound of a plane passing far overhead. Minutes after it passes I hear a low, distant thud. I wander unsteadily towards the sound for an indeterminate amount of time, possibly hours. As it is dark and hard to see, I cover much ground in searching for the source of the sound. I eventually come across a large, tarp-like device blowing and billowing in the wind. It is attached by several lines to a heavy crate. With some difficulty I open the lid of the crate to discover boxes of supplies: rations, warm clothing, drinking water. Much of the contents did not survive the impact and are destroyed or ruined but I find enough usable materials for temporary sustenance. There also seems to be a document contained in an envelope, but I am unable to determine if the pages have any content due to the poor illumination.  The crate is large enough to act as a temporary shelter. It is not airtight: the holes along two sides of the container are large enough to let some wind pass through, but the container is still much improved over my previous situation. I toss the destroyed items out and they quickly scatter to the wind. I climb in and, pushing the remaining items to one side, pull a blanket over myself and close the lid to rest.