Just like Doc and Marty, I’m doing a little science experiment of my own. It could also end in a spectacular exploding train wreck. I’m going to try integrating my blog, Twitter, and Facebook. These things should happen:

  1. Posting in my blog should create a new twitter post with a link to the new blog entry, and Twitter should update my Facebook status accordingly.

  2. Posting in Twitter should create a new blog entry and update my Facebook status.

  3. Changing my status in Facebook should update Twitter and create a corresponding blog post. Facebook should not be able to update Twitter ‘cause Facebook kinda sucks.

If it doesn’t go as planned, here is what could happen:

  1. Twitter and my blog could get stuck in a feedback loop where they don’t recognize which service created which update and consequently destroy each other.

  2. Facebook could not be able to update Twitter. Confirmed: at this time the Twitter for Facebook app is only unidirectional.

  3. My blog could crash and burn, exploding in a gigantic fireball that takes seven years’ worth of posts with it.

  4. Nothing at all could happen.

So here goes nothing… I’m about to press the Publish button… in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…